"I look at Pamela Anderson and I’m like, I played with you as a child!"

I’ve been reading a lot of books recently that are strictly opposed to the idolisation of Pamela Anderson. A lot of women (hardcore feminists, mostly, who almost definitely don’t boast blonde hair or big tits, but really wish that they did) have been picking up on the rise of ‘raunch culture’ - aka. women wearing short skirts/fishnets/etc and openly appreciating their dildos - and claiming that the modern woman who acts this way is contradicting what second wave feminism has been fighting for for decades. Part of this contradictory modern harlot is idolising and/or appreciating women like Pammy, who have allowed themselves to be treated and promoted as a sexualised object. I understand where these feminist authors are coming from, but what they seem to forget is just because a woman is appreciated, doesn’t mean an army of clones is assembling. I’m not that hot on getting my own blonde locks or inflated tits, but I’m definitely going to continue to appreciate Pammy when she was this amazing.